Ana Santos' Portrait Compilations Are Actually Everything

I went to Ana Santos' Instagram page because I had come across some stunning portraits she did where faces were blending with flowers in magical ways, but then I fell in love with these little image compilations she shared instead. Her captions are in Spanish, but Google translate indicates these are simply compilation images she made while playing around. I am seeing them as portraits of characters, with elements that all represent that person, and honestly, I would love one of these.

A sort of collage image, with a number of independent elements all present but not directly related. The central image is a person who appears to be female sitting cross-legged holding a book open in front of their face, wearing a red sweater. There is a black cat near them. Other images include flowers, moths, a bird, a whale, and a moon.

An image compilation or collage-style image. There is a person who appears to be a young woman with short, straight black hair facing away in the top right, as if she is walking out of the illustration. Below her is a line drawing of a young woman's face with an open book, as if she is reading. There is a tall, skinny dog looking at us. Other images include a few more faces, a hand raching down, flowers, a bird, red leaves, and a cat's head.

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