What if Nothing Changes?

We've talked about approaching our self-improvement as if we aren't broken (because we're not!). Here's another self-improvement paradigm shift that complements that concept:
What if nothing changed?
So often we wait for circumstances to align before we take control of our lives, pursue a goal, or simply let ourselves be happy. We all spend a lot of time thinking, "when this ends then I'll be able to accept myself/pursue my dreams/start taking care of myself/be happy."
Or, as Janet reminds us, via this No Context The Good Place Twitter account:

So what if whatever you're waiting for never comes? What if the pandemic never ends, you don't find a relationship, your body stays the same, the political leader you hate stays in charge? What then?
How would you accept yourself, pursue your dreams, or learn to be happy then?
Bonus: what if you started doing some of those things now?
(I have encountered this concept a few places, but most recently from The Sunday Soother.)

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