This Week Last Year: So Confusing

A lot of the conversations about lockdown starting March 13th make it sound like it was really straightforward, but it wasn't. We were still guessing what would or would not be safe or allowed, betting on how long this would take and how bad it would get, and unclear on what "stay home" really meant.

Case in point, in my calendar from this week last year:
Sunday: Hike with a friend and talk a lot about this new social distancing and whether we should really be in a car together. Go to Superstore and stock up on some dry goods.
Monday: Tell the staff that we will work from home.
Tuesday: Artist flight back to Vancouver. They were supposed to go straight to Mexico (for a co-production we were doing down there) from a gig they had elsewhere, but weren't comfortable with that anymore. The rest of the artistic team, however, wanted to keep their flights and do the work in Mexico. (Ha!)
Wednesday: Go for a walk with a friend where we try to keep distance but are still unfamiliar with the concept and I tell her that I'm still planning on having the whole staff come in one day a week so we can "stay connected" and she says, "ummmmm, I wouldn't."

Thursday: Liquor store run. (An actual calendar event because I heard liquor stores were closing elsewhere. Let me tell you, the shelves were emmmmmmmptyyyyyyyyyyy.)

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: Do taxes.

This was when I started tuning in for daily Prime Minister updates at 8am and provincial health updates at 3pm watching and waiting, unsure even then if at the theatre we would be cancelling all our remaining shows that season or just the upcoming show.

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