This Wedding is ROYAL


Yes, I am one of the people who woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding.

I also failed to wake up early ENOUGH, because I trusted the fact that I heard in passing that coverage began at 4am, but the wedding started at 5, so I got online just in time to see the procession. Then I tried to go back to sleep, couldn't, and waited half an hour for all the live feeds to flip into regular videos so I could watch. I might as well have slept in until a humane time, but heck, what can you do?

I don't have a particularly HOT TAKE on the wedding, but here are the things I noticed:

The screen blacked out for a second as Meghan was getting out of her car and I almost threw my cat off my lap.

Harry and Meghan are one of those couples who, every time they look at each other, seem to suddenly be overcome by the joy of being together. I don't care how much you don't care about this wedding, that kind of love is super sweet to see.

Can you imagine the nerves of being asked to do a reading for the ROYAL WEDDING? It's cool, only millions of people will see if you mess up. Everyone looked pretty nervous and serious.

That nervousness didn't even TOUCH Bishop Michael Curry, who gave the homily at the wedding. His sermon was spot on, and it definitely made some people in the crowd uncomfortable. I took notes.

A friend of mine (who woke up at the appropriate time) texted me before I watched that "there were some very simple ways in which this was revolutionary." This Bishop was one of them! He got excited! He quoted Dr. King! He talked openly about slavery! He imagined a world where LOVE rules nations and poverty is irradicated! Think about the context for that kind of a sermon. Freaking. Awesome.

Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir singing Stand By Me was amazing. Cry when you listen to it. Cry!

Also, don't hands always look a little funny right up close?


Congrats, Harry and Meghan!

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