Life Lessons from a Beginner Runner

Things I have learned from the self-induced torture of running
Photo by Justyn Warner.

I have started running. Regularly. It's a weird activity for me. I have always been one of those people sharing memes like, "if I'm running, then look behind me because there are zombies and you should run too."

Well, apparently I've changed. I now run three times a week with my boyfriend, doing one of those apps where you mix running and walking as a way to try to trick your body into thinking it can do things.

Turns out that actually works, and I have gone from running for 90 seconds and regretting all my life choices that led to the moment where I am doing this to myself to running for 10+ minutes and regretting all those same choices. The point is that I can run longer while wishing I wasn't running now, which is kind of cool.

I have learned two lessons from running:

ONE: You are capable of more than you think you are. But only a little, tiny bit more.

For example, you don't think you can run at all? Maybe you can run for 60-90 seconds. (It will be the longest 90 seconds of your life, though.)

TWO: You can do anything. You just have to move slowly enough.

The first time we had to run without a break was last week. I really thought that I might die. But I didn't! I survived! How? We ran very slowly. Slower than we had ever run before. It is possible that you could conquer the world if you moved slowly enough.

BONUS LESSON THREE (I remembered it after writing the first lesson): You will gain a new appreciation for the relativity of time.

Run for five minutes, then walk for five minutes? Those two time intervals are going to actually be reallllllllly different from each other, and nothing can convince me that I haven't entered a time loop during the running intervals that somehow straightens itself out while walking.

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