Inspiration! Roundup: Don't Stir the Coffee, Paper Art, Creative Blocks, Swan Dreams, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": It's getting into beach weather! One of my favourite things about a beach day is seeing the magical patterns water makes in the sand.
Photo by Volkher Hofmann

Don't Stir

Here is a small moment of joy: watching two substances mix and swirl together naturally. I see it most often when I pour a little packet of Crystal Lite powder into a bottle of water and watch it slowly dissolve. This writer likes to watch his cream mix itself into his coffee. (Putting milk into tea doesn't have quite so dramatic an effect, but it can be quite beautiful, too.) Try it! Whatever you normally mix together, take a moment to watch fluid dynamics to their thing.

Andrea Wan Paper Cut Art

I love paper cut art! Sometimes I wonder how it all gets put together. This is a lovely little instructional video featuring Andrea Wan, who makes some truly stunning pieces.

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Getting Through Creative Block

Here's one idea for a way to get through a creative block: do whatever it is you want to do, but do it as poorly as possible. Draw a lame flower with your non-dominant hand. Write the most poorly-conceived scene ever. Then (in theory) you get your creative juices moving again and have already created something stupid so you don't have to worry about creating something stupid.

Swan Dreams

I love this story of ballerina Aesha Ash, who went back to her hometown to pose for a photo series with locals and encourage them to see what they can become.

Seeing Anyone?

There are so many reasons I love this cartoon. Mixing up "seeing anyone" with a therapist! The normalization of therapy! The sweet honesty of the whole thing!

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Do You Feel Like Shit?

This new website, You Feel Like Shit, is an interactive self-care game! If you feel crappy, go through their flowchart of questions to nail down potential reasons you might feel bad. They start with the basics (eating) and move on from there. It's fun and helpful.

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