Inspiration! Roundup: Better Ice-Breakers, Le Nuage, Three Balls of Wool, Limbo, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Somewhere the flowers are bigger than me.
Image by: Ana do Amaral

Ice-Breaker Questions

I am all for ice-breaker questions that deviate a bit from the norm without asking strangers to tell you about their deepest passions, which is just plain weird. Here is a fun one: tell me about something you love doing that you are terrible at. OR, tell me about something you are good at that you don't like doing. (Found here.)

Le Nuage

This animated short about the creative process is simultaneously adorable, inspiring, and a bit infuriating (because of the whole art-needs-misery trope as well as the spritely-young-woman-cares-for-broody-male-artist trope). But I want to keep watching it, so that is saying something.

Three Balls of Wool

This is a beautiful story of nonconformity as well as the immigrant experience.


I love this piece by Robert Proch.

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Escape Your Money Troubles

I love this news story about an Iowa newsroom that has opened up an escape room to help solve its money problems. In some ways, of course, it's got a sad foundation: they need the money because newspapers on are on the outs. However, it's cool to see them finding a fun new source of income that engages their community.

Jenna Barton Art

I could stare at this work by Jenna Barton for ages.

Job Descriptions

Seth Godin has suggested a list of qualities that are likely missing from your job description. My favourites: can tell a joke at no one's expense, invent a moment of silliness, and find obsolete things on your task list and remove them.

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