Learning! Roundup: Pasta and Menopause, Smelling the Roses, Misery Loves Company, and More!

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Pasta and Menopause

Women who eat more pasta tend to get menopause earlier. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing for me, but I definitely eat a lot of pasta. (Okay, it's a bad thing - earlier menopause is linked with a bunch of health problems.)

Smelling the Roses

It appears as though a sudden decline in sense of smell could be an early indicator of cognitive decline in seniors. Early identification is always key in these scenarios!

Misery Loves Company

New research demonstrates that complaining about work can actually help your work, specifically when you are working with a team that is not usually yours.

Pop Culture

Do you care about pop culture? Even if you don't, the feeling of being 'out of the loop' by not knowing about a pop culture item that's in the news will have a negative impact on your mood.

Feeling Lonely?

Speaking of feeling socially isolated, here is a collection of advice from seven therapists on some things to do if you feel lonely. Suggestions include practicing little mini-conversations with cashiers and other people you encounter throughout the day, finding activities that you actually enjoy to do on your own, and using social media to start making connections.

Explaining the Lipstick Effect

The lipstick effect is the phenomenon that, during times of economic uncertainty, women tend to invest more in their physical appearance. In the past, it was assumed that this was just done to attract a wealthier mate, but new research shows that women do this for both attracting partners and to provide more security in their jobs (if you're wondering why women would want to look more attractive to keep job security or get a raise, well, it's just part of a sexist society). In fact, the more economic uncertainty a woman feels, the more likely she is to boost her professional appearance.

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