Inspiration! Roundup: Bad Things Are Decreasing, Smallness, Myeongbeom Kim, Discrete Artists, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Let's go see some plays!
Photo by Zach Jiroun.

Bad Things Decreasing

A lot of the time I feel like the world is an upward spiral of terribleness, but no! Not necessarily! It depends what you are looking at! For example, this textbook charts 16 bad things that are decreasing in the world, including child deaths, nuclear arms, ozone depletion, and hunger. So it's not all bad.


“Small is not just a stepping-stone. Small is a great destination itself”
― Jason Fried

Emm's Positivity Blog

I love love loooove this blog of adorable animals saying positive things. Go! Follow! Enjoy!

Myeongbeom Kim

I love Myeongbeom Kim's artwork! Such fun interpretations of everyday objects.

What Does It Want?

This interview with writer Douglas A. Martin is pretty fantastic. Two favourite quotes, the first on trust:

"You just have trust that the work will ultimately tell you what it wants to be."

The second on giving yourself time in writing:

"When I first began writing fiction or prose I would do what I call blind writing. I would just write and not edit myself at all. I would write every day for like a year until I had around 300 pages. Then I’d wait a year or so to go back and look at it and shape it. A lot of the time I was cutting half of the book away, but enough time had passed where I could see what was there."

The Discrete Artist

Paraskevi Frasiola's series The Discrete Artist made me laugh out loud. She hides places. It's great.


"What compliment do you wish you could receive about your work?"
-Will Allen (via Swiss Miss)

Verbing and Nouning

I got quite a kick out of this defence for the practice of verbing nouns and nouning verbs. Did you know that in 1850, CHOCOLATE was a verb? You could "chocolate and chat" with someone. That is excellent.

The Darkest Colour

Photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga's series The Darkest Colour is an amazing collection of black-on-black photos. Love.

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