Word Games for Fun and Creativity

Twitter gave me some ideas for word games that might even be creativity boosters
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem.

I've come across a few fun word games lately that I think would make great creativity practices.

The first comes from Lifehacker, and it's an insult generator. Take any noun, and add the words "you absolute" in front of it. Now it's an insult. It doesn't take a whole lot of creativity to come up with a list, but it sure does get you seeing words differently.


You absolute mug.
You absolute flower-handled scissors.
You absolute construction site.
You absolute raindrop.
You absolute weed.
You absolute backpack.

Even if you put something that is technically nice, it kind of sounds back-handed at best:

You absolute ray of sunshine.
You absolute gift.
You absolute flower petal.
You absolute cup of tea.
You absolute informational brochure.

The next comes from The Bloggess, who tweeted about a woman who called the game Fortnight "Fork Knife". Her followers replied with an epic array of mispronounced and forgotten words, like when they said "salad sauce" instead of salad dressing. The game that comes of this is to pretend you've forgotten the word for some everyday item or activity. How would you describe it instead? Keep going. Get weird.

Example: Let's say I forgot the word for a spatula. How else could I describe it?

Rubber pushy thing.
Soft flipper.
Kitchen microphone.
Food squeegee.

It probably won't be even close to the hilarity of The Bloggess' collection, but that's like comparing a brainstorm list to the final cut of Whose Line is it Anyways? Also, it's beside the point. The point is to think about words and descriptors in different ways.

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