Learning! Roundup: Mosquitoes and Malaria, Closing the Racial Wealth Gap, Human-Caused Earthquakes, and More!

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Mosquitoes Love Malaria

It turns out that if you already have malaria, mosquitoes are going to be more attracted to come and bite you, as you emit a smell that they find attractive. Sounds unpleasant. (Getting more mosquito bites, not the smell, which I'm sure humans can't really detect.)

Horse Memory

Not only do horses remember the people who come visit them, but they will remember whether you were smiling or frowning the last time they saw you.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

A study examines perceptions of the racial wealth gap and what we get wrong when we talk about it. They identified ten common myths about the gap, and the negative impact those myths are having.

Human-Caused Earthquakes

Once, I read a report that some religious leaders thought women in America had caused a massive earthquake somewhere else in the world by dressing too promiscuously. Specifically, it had something to do with all their cleavage (perhaps their breast-cleavage somehow impacted the rock-cleavage in the ground?) Anyways, it is unlikely that boobs being visible causes earthquakes, but it is possible that human activity causes natural disasters sometimes.

Turning Racists into Nazis

Observations of anti-immigration platforms have found that it takes about 6 months to turn someone from a racist who is skeptical about immigration into a Nazi. During that time, the person will start using the language of the group, as well as using "we" instead of "I".


Has a science story traveled across the internet faster than this one? I think everyone was so excited to be able to have headlines like "Uranus Smells Like Farts" that the news that Uranus has sulfur-smelling gaseous clouds spread like, well, like a bad fart in a small room.

Birds of Paradise

I had to watch this for about 5 minutes to figure out if it was real or an animation:

Image Source: Colossal
Seriously, though, the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise has the most amazing mating dance.

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