Inspiration! All the Best Butts, Cut Scenes from Harry Potter, Abstract Sunday, Pretending You're Divorced, and More!

This week's inspiration includes camping, the best butts, cut scenes from Harry Potter, the Untethered Soul, and more!
This Week's "I want to go to there": CAMPING! It is summer now and I wanna go camping!
Photo by Sandis Helvigs.

The Best Butts

An ode to butts. Most of them, anyway.

The Mind

“The mind is a place where the soul goes to hide from the heart.”
– Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

Cut Scenes

Comic book artist Katie Knudson has drawn scenes from Harry Potter that didn't make the cut in the movies. They are some of the smaller, more touching scenes that reveal the humanity of the characters and the result is pretty beautiful.

Abstract Sunday

Artist Christoph Niemann has a delightful Instagram feed called Abstract Sunday. I love it!

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For Sure

Andrea Zittel's list, "These things I know for sure" is gorgeous. Here are a few:

1. It is a human trait to organize things into categories. Inventing categories creates an illusion that there is an overriding rationale in the way that the world works.
2. Surfaces that are "easy to clean" also show dirt more. In reality a surface that camouflages dirt is much more practical than one that is easy to clean.
3. Maintenance takes time and energy that can sometimes impede other forms of progress such as learning about new things.

Bright Eyes

Dawid Planeta has a stunning series of bright-eyed animal guides. This is my favourite.

Pretend You're Divorced?

Here's a non-intuitive piece of advice for parents out there: parent as if you are divorced. Say wha??? Here's what this means: try a version of rotating custody with your kids like divorced parents do. When you are on with your kids, you are 100% on with them. Don't make other plans, avoid your phone, act like this weekend is your only weekend to hang with them. Then when you are off, be off. Do your thing, be the person who is not the parent.

Depending on your work/childcare arrangement, this may not be feasible. But if it is, seems like it's worth a try.

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