The No Day But Today Challenge - An Update

A little over a month ago, I watched the musical RENT and was inspired to live my life with a little more urgency. I decided to remind myself that each day might be my last by writing "NO DAY BUT TODAY" in my notebook every morning for a month and see if that changed how I approached life.

Well? How did I do?

This is how I did:

I did it nine times. Nine. Out of thirty. They weren't even consecutive, because I forgot some days. Then I completely forgot this challenge even existed.

I'm not sure why my brain completely erased this challenge from my consciousness, but it definitely did.

So, what now? I do think that writing it down, on the days I did, helped keep this mantra in my mind and heart. But I don't think that setting myself up for failure by trying to do this again is that smart. Instead, how about leaning into a classic: a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. One and done.

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