International Women's Day, Germany, 1917. CC.

I didn't prepare a post in advance to celebrate this day. Honestly, I completely forgot it was coming.

So here are some off-the-cuff thoughts for International Women's Day:

Women are pretty neat, as a grouping of people.

It sucks that we keep being considered less, as a grouping of people.

Sometimes it feels like we make some progress in one area, and then everyone finds a new, subtler way to shift their attitudes to keep us at bay. I don't think that is actually happening, but it can feel that way.

I don't know the best ways to improve equality (or equity or whatever term is more correct to use), but I am always happy to see someone trying something.

I wanted to say that I am currently reading more books by women, but that's not true! The last few books I have read were by men. If you don't pay attention, it's easy to have everything you read and watch come from men, because most things do.

Some podcasts by women that I'm digging lately: Small Doses, Another Round, Two Dope Queens, Good Muslim Bad Muslim, Criminal.

I am glad weird goddess ladies like Björk exist. Also strong, smart, gracious goddess ladies like Michelle Obama.

There are goddess ladies of all sorts to inspire us all!

Some women have babies, which means they grow a whole entire person (sometimes several whole entire people at once) inside them. Think about it. It is a weird, creepy, insane miracle that does not define womanhood and is also exclusive to women and that's bananas.

Some women also create food with their bodies, in a non-cannibalistic way. That is another weird, creepy, insane miracle.

I have always been glad that I was born a woman. Not in a superiority way, just for myself.

I haven't watched the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want since it was new in theatres a zillion years ago. I bet it's terrible and doesn't hold up, and also it features Mel Gibson who we know to be a not-great person, but it's always good to remember the lesson he learns in the end: that women are not a monolithic group that all wants the same thing. We are (gasp!) a whole bunch of different people with different wants and needs. Cool!

Some fictional women that I imagine best friendship with: Leslie Knope, Hermione Granger, Murphy Brown, Lyra Belaqua/Silvertongue, Essun/Damaya.

I would also really want to be besties with April Ludgate, but I would feel a little insecure that I wasn't cool enough.

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