Oooooooh No. More Revelations.

Oh guys. I just was googling what countries have approved aspartame (because my mind inquires) and look what top hit Google gave me when I started typing "what countries":

I'm not going to lie. My first reaction was to feel bad for a lot of people. In a very smug way.

Then I thought, "Wait, am I being really judgey and ethnocentric right now? Why should I expect everyone to know the countries in North America? I certainly couldn't name all the countries in Asia off the top of my head right now. Why should I expect everyone to know North America?"

Then I thought, "But there are way less countries in North America. I also know what countries are in Australia."

But then I had to look it up to be sure, because what if one of you saw me on the street and demanded I name the countries in the Australian Continent and I got it WRONG!

Also, I don't know what countries do or don't have Netflix! Or which countries drive on the left except for England and Zambia (and Japan? SEE! I DON'T KNOW!)!

So basically, I was going to make a show of how some people are ignorant, which is a jerk thing to do in the first place, and then in the process, revealed and revelled in my own ignorance.


Now excuse me while I bask in the reality of, once again, being part of the problem.

Then start studying some world maps.

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