Learning! Roundup: Sea urchin drilling, shampoo air pollution, chronotype differences, and more!

An Upside-Down Sea Urchin Bares its Teeth
Photo by Lacen, CC.

Sea Urchin Drilling

You can name your new business sea urchin drilling, after the fact that sea urchins have now had their ability to drill holes in rocks using just their teeth has been observed.

Shampoo Air Pollution

I remember learning that aerosol sprays were terrible for the environment when I was younger, but it turns out that even gel-based products like shampoo and lotion release pollution into the air. Plus, since vehicle-based pollution has become heavily regulated, your shampoo is contributing a significant amount of bad stuff to the environment.

Sleep and Chronotype

This is a great little video about our chronotypes - the genes that regulate our internal clocks.

Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger is an unknown pioneer of film animation, having created the first animated film using shadow puppetry. This mini-documentary gives her background. It's nice because it shows a lot of visuals from her work, but it also moves very slowly, so maybe have it on silently and read this article at the same time. She was a cool lady!

The Race Gap in Academia

It looks like fields that emphasize innate brilliance of mind have less diversity than fields that emphasize the ability of an individual to learn and become brilliant. Also, the field with the most black students in it is education, and there it's only about 13%. Granted, they are only accounting for one race, but given that Black History Month just ended, it's worth noting that this number is pretty low.

Neanderthal Artists

Old cave paintings have been re-dated and found to have been made by the neanderthals. That means that this trait we consider pretty exclusive to human civilization goes back further than we expected.

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