On the Potential Buffy Reboot: Don't Do It. But if You Must, Here is How.

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Rumours have it that Fox wants a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

On one hand, I don't blame them. Buffy was hugely successful, still has a fan following, and we are living in the era of reboots. Why not?

On the other hand, please please just don't! Buffy already got resurrected - as a character and a series - when the show was cancelled and then picked up by another network but they had already killed Buffy because the show was cancelled and then had to bring her back to life.

Guess what happened? Through the plot, we learned that bringing people back to life is selfish and cruel, at best. Through the TV show's existence we learned that stories, once wrapped are also best left to rest in peace. (Although some of the finest stand-alone episodes came post-resurrection.)

On yet another hand, it seems like every 3-4 years there is a rumour of a Buffy reboot, so it seems unlikely.

On an additional hand, this one sounds more legit.

On the final hand of this many-handed creature, if it is real, just create a new show about a different monster-killing lady. Maybe pick a lady who isn't blonde this time. Oooooh! Make the monster colonialism! I mean, it would have to be a metaphor because of the whole "colonialism is a concept, not a corporeal being", but Buffy fights noncorporeal things all the time! Let's have a show about a team of plucky teens who hunt down and wipe out colonialism!

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