Inspiration! Roundup: Phantom Beatboxing, Call Your Bubbe, Billboard Art, How to Write a Comic, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Doesn't this place look like it's right out of a fantasy novel?
Photo by Daniel Malikyar.

Phantom Beatboxing

I know this is a couple of weeks old, but dang, if it captured my heart! Phantom was basically my introduction to musical theatre, and my cousin and I spent entire summers dramatically singing along with the soundtrack. This brought me back in a whole new way!

Would it Kill You to Call?

I truly love that this video was created. Maybe there isn't an app chiding you to call your Jewish grandma, but maybe we should all call our grandmas anyways.

Giant Slang

I love Trevor Wheatley's project, taking slang and common sayings and turning them into billboard-sized art pieces. If you were going to create a giant slogan in the sky, what would yours be?

How to Write a Comic (or whatever)

I absolutely love and appreciate Greg Pak's breakdown of how he writes his comics. It's really a great plan for anything you want to write. I especially love his list of the hardest parts of writing a script (spoiler alert: it's all hard).

How to Keep Going

Need help keeping on keeping on? Me too. This graphic has a bunch of awesome suggestions, including be kind, say your ideas out loud, share your epiphanies, and celebrate.

Some Good Ideas

The Best Commune

I have an oft-discussed dream of starting a commune (I think the more correct term is ecovillage), and now I think I have the perfect model: a French commune built in a bunch of treehouses inspired by Swiss Family Robinson.

Why Am I a Spinster?

In 1889, a magazine called Tit-Bits asked single, female readers to answer the question of why they are spinsters. The answers are golden, and almost certain inspo to single women today and every day.

Personal highlight: "Like the wild mustang of the prairie that roams unfettered, tossing his head in utter disdain at the approach of the lasso which, if once around his neck proclaims him captive, to I find it more delightful to tread on the verge of freedom and captivity, than to allow the snarer to cast around me the matrimonial lasso."

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