Learning! Roundup: The Right Number of Friends to Have, Nature/Nurture, First Kisses, and More!

Photo by Zachary Nelson.

The Right Number of Friends

In an age where we are obsessing (rightly so) over social isolation and the effects of loneliness, how many good friends to you really need to have? A researcher named Dunbar figured it out: 3-5 close friends and about 15 people you like to hang with on the regular.

Nature vs. Nurture

According to a new study looking at people's understanding of the contributions of genetics vs. environment to a person, most of us have relatively accurate views - or at least have the same amount of inaccuracy, just over different traits. The most accurate judges were women who had multiple biological children.

First Kisses

Looking at college freshmen and their experiences with kissing uncovers some interesting facts: 14% of freshmen have never been kissed on the lips. When my kissless-lips started university, I would have really appreciated knowing this.

Quick Car Chargers

Personally, I love the quick charge ability of my phone's wall adapter, and I'm sure once we're all driving electric cars we will be stoked with the discovery that cars running on supercapacitors can be charged in mere minutes. MINUTES!

Tall Men

There are lots of societal advantages to being a tall man, unless, it turns out, you are a man who is not white. For black men who are tall, instead of being seen as more attractive leaders who deserve lots of money, it amplifies other stereotypes around threat.

Basic Income Evaluation

In Ontario they have been testing what happens when you give money, like real amounts of money you can live on, to people in poverty. The result so far is that people are thriving.

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