Cute! Roundup: Cat Confusion, Baby Penguins, and the Elephant in the Room

This was a moment of deep confusion with my dear Gertie. I came home from work,fed her by putting food in the little orange ball, and then instead of her gobbling it down as quickly as she can (which she used to do so quickly she would then vomit, hence the food ball to slow things down a bit), she sniffed it, wandered around, cuddled me, sniffed it more, walked around again, and basically continued to be a completely different cat.


A truly adorable baby penguin!

Could this be the least comfortable way for a cat to sleep?

It's time to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

This deer is definitely comfortable with humans!

A baby cuddle puddle for the ages.

Another baby penguin, to bring us full circle!

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