Learning! Roundup: Clothes that Fight Illness, Women in Leadership, Too Old for Snapchat, and More!

Soon you'll be able to buy clothes that fight diseases, thanks to bacteria-killing nanofibres.
Photo by Shanna Camilleri

Bacteria-Killing Clothes

I have previously been mostly creeped out by the fancy things they put in fabric these days. (When they wick your sweat, where does the sweat go?) But! This is cool: clothes could be made with bacteria-killing nanofibres, and that could help stop or slow the spread of illness.

Women in STEM

My partner and I were having a conversation recently about women in STEM, and he asked at what point in a society can you just assume that a career isn't as interesting (in general) to a particular group and not worry it comes from inequality. Obviously that is a really hard question to answer, but it has something to do with the overall equality of the society in general. Well, interestingly, new research shows that the more equal a society is, the less women go into the field. I feel like this requires further investigation.

Make Up and Leadership

Speaking of women in the workplace, apparently women who wear heavier make up are less likely to be considered to be good leaders. Hooray for groundless stereotypes!

Too Old for Snapchat

It's official: I am too old for Snapchat, and maybe you are too? New research shows that adults over 30 years old dislike Snapchat and opt for Facebook instead. (I would actually vote that Instragram is my social media of choice, but they are owned by Facebook, so it's probably the same thing.)

Smart Genes

They have now found more than 500 genes associated with intelligence. This makes me feel like we have some time before people start trying to genetically manipulate their offspring into being more intelligent, which is comforting, in general.

Go Find Yourself

Apparently people who travel the world in order to "find themselves" actually do. The more time spent living abroad, the more people are able to differentiate their own personal values from those of the broader culture they were raised in.

Schools vs. Genetics

If you have a kid and you're stressing about what school to send them to, it's worth knowing that their genetics will play a greater role in their performance and learning than the school they go to. So I guess it's all up to you.

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