Inspiration! Felicia Day says you should sign up to do work that isn't fun

I just finished reading Felicia Day's book You're Never Weird on the Internet (I will be doing a Book Club post about it shortly!) and among her pseudo-awkward-isms she threw in this little gem:

"Sign up for the daily work, not the payoff."
-Felicia Day

Okay okay, so of course none of us sign up for the purpose of doing the day-to-day work.  Nobody's like "I just want to painstakingly compare every line of this budget spreadsheet to every line of this general ledger, for no ultimate reason whatsoever!", or "can I sign 500 letters before tai-folding them and putting them in envelopes that then need to be individually addressed and stamped and sealed and taken to the post office?", or "here, let me cut all this fabric into skinny strips, just to do the work of cutting fabric into hundreds of little skinny strips, with no ultimate goal in mind!"

(Yes, I realize that some people might have read those things and gone "oh, that sounds like fun!", but you get my drift, right?  And maybe you wouldn't want to do it every day for a long time without a final goal attached to it?)

So we aren't signing on for the daily work for the purpose of just doing that work, because that's boring and mind-destroying.  Since we can't just sign up to be the head writer of our own TV show or to have a fully-operational theatre company or even for "regular" jobs that aren't sexy to write about in inspirational blog posts but are actually necessary and valuable and challenging and rewarding, like being a nurse or a teacher or head accountant or whatever, without some unpleasant daily work, though, I guess we'd better be signing up for that to.

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