Inspiration! The art of Helen Ahpornsiri

UK artist Helen Ahpornsiri makes these stunning works of art out of pressed fern leafs, algae, and gold leaf.  Her prints are even incredibly reasonably priced!  Oh my goodness, if anyone wants to buy me an unbirthday gift, this would be wonderful.

Not only are these stunning, intricate images, but I love the reminder that everything - literally everything - we encounter can be the raw material to make something else.  Everything has potential, everything is art.  Of course, it also takes a lot of hard work - just think about all the detailed work she has to do to make these incredible creations!

So there you go: see potential, work hard, be inspired!

Pig by Helen Ahpornsiri

Orca by Helen Ahponsiri

Hare by Helen Ahponsiri

She even Instagrams her process:

A photo posted by Helen Ahpornsiri (@helenahpornsiri) on

A photo posted by Helen Ahpornsiri (@helenahpornsiri) on

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