WHO YOU GONNA CALL? (Or, have you SEEN the new Ghostbusters trailer yet? HAVE YOU????)

When I first heard they were doing an all-female Ghostbusters I thought, "meh." Then I thought, "I hope that they don't make it lame and set feminism in filmmaking back even farther."

Then my friend posted the trailer, and it looks AMAZING! I am so super duper excited, I cannot WAIT to see this movie! Why did I have any doubts? Why?*

*To be fair, I didn't see the original movie until I was 25 and when you watch a movie like that for the first time almost 20 years after it came out, it's still a fun movie and all, but it's not going to change your life.

I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid, probably because I was always REALLY scared of ghosts and so my parents just kept me away from anything ghost-related (and before you point out that it's a comedy and not that scary, let me assure you, the images of puking spectrals and dancing groceries would have actually kept me up at night, no question. My parents made the right call on this one. Their choice to allow me to read books about spiritual warfare on the other hand? Turns out just because the ghost is really a demon that can get defeated in the name of Jesus doesn't mean it won't terrify your kid. But for some reason I really wanted to read things that made me afraid to go to bed, so I never let on.)

To disclose just how out of the loop I am, I confess that I originally wrote Ghostbusters as two words: Ghost Busters. Clearly I did not have the action figures.

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