Inspiration! Buy Me Once

A someone who just feels the worst about consumer culture (how often am I supposed to buy a new phone and computer and blender and couch and patio set and everything else non-consumable that I own??? Really?), I got really excited when I learned about Buy Me Once, a company that specializes in locating and selling quality goods made to last, manufactured with ethics in mind.

Then I got really sad, because it is currently only available in the US and UK (sometimes I think Canada should change its name to United Canada so that we can be in the "U" first club - because it's that simple, right?).

Since a lot of you are from both the US and the UK, you can still benefit where I can only pant in envy!

What's not to love?*  Okay, the prices. The prices, for many of us, are not to love.  For me, they range from "oh dear" to "yegads".  Sure, it's worth it for a better quality item, but "worth it" is not the same as "an amount of money I am capable of spending while staying alive."

Fear not!  If you can't afford their stuff (or aren't in the US/UK club), then you can still use their articles featuring tips on how to take better care of your things, encouraging them to last longer.  Many of the products sold on their site will even be available in your country, and maybe on sale!

Plus, with a little research of your own, how far can you take this "buy me once" philosophy?  Regardless of where we buy our stuff, let's make like the girls in Now & Then and make a pact.  No, not to be friends forever.  That's silly and impossible.  Let's promise to start paying more attention to how well-made the stuff we're buying is, and whether we even need it at all.

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