Learn! Get in your mind-controlled wheelchair and go

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Here's another one to file under "The Future is Now": scientists have invented a mind-controlled wheelchair, AND they taught monkeys how to use it.  Monkeys!  These are the guys who could write War and Peace if enough of them were jamming away at typewriters.

Of course, it involved brain surgery and implanted electrodes, but I'm sure that those will never get taken over my evil masterminds trying to take over the world, right?

It even turns out that they've already been able to do this through external EEG devices attached to the scalp, they just don't work quite as well.

I have always been intrigued with the awesomeness and terribleness of my brain being able to control something physical in the world.  Awesomeness because, well, obviously it would be awesome to be able to move things with my mind.  Terribleness, however, because I can't help but think of how it could go awry.  I get distracted a LOT, after all.

There is a Portlandia sketch that basically explains what would happen to me if I was controlling anything with my brain:

Source: PS Mag

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