Learning! A brain is just a brain (no gender needed)

Not a boy brain and a girl brain, just a couple of brains!
(With adorable faces attached, let's be honest)

A new study comparing 1,400 MRI scans from men and women has shown that there is absolutely no difference in brain structure, and that traits that are considered more common in women or men showed up across the board.

There are some traits that are more common in female brains or more common in male brains, according to this research, but that doesn't mean that having any particular brain-trait is indicative of being male or female.

So basically, you can't identify if a person is male or female just by looking at their brain.

This might seem really obvious to some, but I think it will be really surprising to others.  We might be beyond the notion of women having smaller, less-capable brains in a "we officially believe this as a society and can say it out loud" kind of way, but we generally seem to accept that there are fundamental differences to how our brains "work" or what our brains "need" without taking into account the impact of learning and action on our development.

This research shows that there is no "boy's brain" or "girl's brain" - there are just a bunch of brains.

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