This Week's Gratitude & Delight

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The last week I have been grateful for:

Getting super quick results on a COVID test so that I didn't have to sit around in isolation for very long and for the friends who were on the ready to deliver food and anything else I needed if I did have to stay in isolation! (And also that it was negative, babeeeee!)

Getting my first COVID vaccine!!!!!! For all the scientists and healthcare workers and other workers who dropped everything to make this happen and even for the governments who knew to prioritize this and that they made sure Indigenous communities got it before I did.

BC announced its restart plan and while aspects of it did freak me out a bit, it was really comforting to see a plan that is based on clear markers and science instead of a reckless rush to re-open.

My beloved soulmate bestie with whom I am as silly as can be and then super deep and we go on our anti-racist journey together and also she made a ridiculous Hamilton sign to celebrate me getting the vaccine.

The fact that I baked myself a cake!

THIS WEEK'S DELIGHT: I was going for a jog (I know! A JOG!) around the track in a nearby park and a bunch of dudes were standing around and then, all at once, started leaping into the air like frogs. (Okay what they were actually doing was an interval workout and the jumping squats started, but it legitimately looked like they just said, "Hey! Let's act like frogs!" and then started chaotically jumping around.)

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