A Technical Announcement for 27 of You

Helllllooooo to the 27 people reading this in your email because you subscribe via FeedBurner to get emails about new posts!

First of all, THANK YOU. I put that email subscription link on my blog and truly didn't know if anyone would click it. You did! What a delight!

Second, FeedBurner is being discontinued. I KNOW. I am supposed to be able to download all your email addresses and transfer you over to some other email delivery service, but it's not working. So this is your heads up that this service may just up and disappear. Not until July, but still!

For now, your best bet is to sign up for my newsletter. It goes out every other week with links to highlights from the blog and a little bit of bonus content. At the very least, it'll be a biweekly reminder to come scroll through the blog!

The Receptionist Delivers!
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