If You're Going to Destroy Something, Learn Its Name First

"Not only knowing the names but getting them right is a duty to other living things on this planet, I think. Certainly towards humans, at the very, very least. But I would even say more so to the inhabitants of forests. If you’re going to cut them all down, have the decency to know which animals you’re destroying their land—not just call them brown birds, or birds even. Know that there’s blue warblers there. Know that there’s cerulean warblers there. Know that there’s pine siskins there. Know there’s a bird called a titmouse there. Just have the decency to know what’s around you."
-Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Those of us who are colonists (aka: anyone living in North America who came here by choice as a result of colonialism) could really take this to heart.

If you're going to destroy anything, know what it is you're destroying. What specific species of animals or plants, what specific land, what specific cultural practices, what specific people. Name them. It's the least you can do.

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