Four Questions For Sanity in Saving the World

This is a list of questions created by Mariame Kaba that was introduced to me via Ann Friedman. It's the perfect list of things to ask yourself when there is a new round of injustice that leaves you feeling both helpless and angry:
1. What resources exist so I can better educate myself?
2. Who's already doing work around this injustice?
3. Do I have the capacity to offer concrete support & help to them?
4. How can I be constructive?

I love that this response not helps alleviate the helpless anxiety (look! There are people working on this already!) but also helps drive contributions (what level of support or help can you offer that is constructive?) without being unrealistic (you don't have to give up your whole life to fix every single cause).

What more could we want to build a better society?

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