Self-Awareness May Be Too Much Work Right Now But At Least We Have Global Self Hypnosis

As per yesterday's post, I'm currently in a place where I feel like most self-awareness and self-work is too much effort and just kind of exhausting. I'm still interested in it and have a host of saved articles and ideas to share on here, though.
So just know that while I'm going to keep sharing these things, I'm probably being a huge hypocrite and not doing them myself. 😊
One thing I AM doing, however, is loving the affirmations Instagram account Global Self Hypnosis. They post affirmation memes that are just unhinged and discordant enough that they really speak to my soul and, honestly, leave me feeling kind of affirmed. (They also have merch!)
A meme with the text "I am not living a crazy dream" over the image of a futuristic-looking city that is in the middle of the water.

A meme that says "I am overflowing with profit-making ideas" over a sort of glowing spider web in space with wings.

A meme that says "society moves forward, I do NOT have anxiety" with an aggressively cheerful picture of a unicorn in front of a sunset.

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