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These past two weeks (because I missed last week!) I have been grateful for:
A week off work where I have been able to relax, see friends (in an outside, distanced way, don't fret!) and get further in the book I'm reading. Also to completely spurn responsibility and learn that I do need some structure to my days otherwise I am a bit lost.
My friend who prepared a really loved set of reflection questions to a meeting.
Friends who keep showing interest in my random life explorations, asking for updates and wanting to know more about my hopes and dreams and challenges and stuff!

A sunny day where I had the courage to go do my stretches outside in a park (the one where other people are always working out so I fit in) and it felt so good to be outside in the sun, stretching.

Getting together with a friend in the park to celebrate her birthday.

Always grateful for my Dungeons & Dragons game and friends.

More and more of my friends are getting vaccinated!

Getting out of a Zoom meeting relatively quickly when it was with a person who generally prolongs Zoom calls indefinitely.

THIS WEEK'S DELIGHT: A piece of art by David Shrigley with a drawing of a dragon that says, "Do not slay the dragon. I am in love with the dragon."

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