This Week's Gratitude & Delight

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The last week I have been grateful for:

Having dinner with my mom and dad outside in a park! It was so lovely, even though we got takeout Indian food and forgot to order rice with the dishes and also didn't have plates so we ate off the lids to the takeout containers.

Giving blood for the first time ever (I guess I'm grateful to myself for that?) and the technician doing my needle was very friendly and nice to talk to but also there was a finance bro across the room from me also donating he was very interesting to watch.

A board member at my work who is going ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us develop a strategic plan and it is killer.

The fact that it was supposed to rain this week but it was mostly sunny instead.

To Nicki Minaj for Super Bass which I spent an evening learning the lyrics to so I can do a really good job lipsyncing along to it.

As always, calls and visits with friends because friends are everything I could possibly want.

This week's delight:
Teen punk band The Linda Lindas who wrote the song Racist Sexist Boy and I was agape with joy watching it!

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