The Distinction is Very Important But How Do You Tell The Difference???

How do you tell the difference between a detour and a roadblock? (The metaphorical kind, not the actual ones on actual roads that are usually pretty clearly marked.)
As per this Instagram post, a detour is a challenge (or five) along the way that tell you it's going to be harder and take longer to get to your final destination. A roadblock, on the other hand, is a signal that you're never going to get there.

It's the difference between "this is still possible for you, it's just harder," and "it's not going to happen for you."
The post goes on to affirm that most of the time we think things are roadblocks when they are actually detours.

But it doesn't tell us HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE which is kind of a big part of the whole thing, right????

So, how do YOU tell the difference? How do you, as Dr. Eilers of Instagram recommends, "practice discernment between detours and roadblocks"?

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