Singalong! Oh You Delicate Heart by Hawksley Workman

This week's song from my crowd-sourced playlist of hope: Oh You Delicate Heart by Hawksley Workman. It's a lovely and simple ode to staying true to ourselves in tough times.

by Hawksley Workman

Oh you delicate heart
Sometimes it feels hard to live
The rain keeps on falling so hard
I forgot that I had some to give

Oh you delicate heart
Remind all the guards on your hill
That a love that comes by might be true
As true as the mountains are still

And I'm sure
The darkness defines where the light is
And takes all our prayers
Oh but
You will still be true

Oh you delicate heart
There's deep enough wells for our tears
When we break ourselves carelessly
A tumbling down of our fears

A black and white photo of musician Hawksley Workman standing on stage, playing guitar in front of a microphone with a beam of light on him.
Photo by Blake Sittler.

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