Inspiration! Roundup: The Unexpected Relevance of Domestic Demise (also, mental health utopias and murals!)

This Week's "I want to go to there": Hanging out with FRIENDS! Who are RIGHT NEXT TO ME! What a dream.
Photo by AllGo

Domestic Demise

Patty Carroll's photo series Domestic Demise could very well be a commentary on quarantine life but it started long before we knew we would be trapped in our homes like this. It's funny and a little sad and I love it.

Mental Health Utopia

"Yes lockdown poses its own mental health challenges. But can we please stop pretending our former world of long working hours, stressful commutes, hectic crowds, shopping centres, infinite choice, mass consumerism, air pollution and 24/7 everything was a mental health utopia?"
-Matt Haig

Exactly, Matt. Exactly.

Mural Fest

Every summer, my neighbourhood in Vancouver has a mural festival where a host of buildings give up their facades to be covered in art. It's really fun and I truly can't wait for the year when we realize we've run out of buildings. No word on whether that festival is continuing thanks to COVID, but a bunch of artists created their own home mural festival, painting murals in and around their homes.

Mural by Alex Senna

Email Poem

Writer Jessica Salfia made a poem out of the first few lines of emails she received during lockdown. Below is an exempt, but the entire thing resonates.

"In these uncertain times
as we navigate the new normal,
Are you willing to share your ideas and solutions?
As you know, many people are struggling."

Flower People

Artist Meggan Joy grows flowers, photographs them, and then arranges those flower photos into images of women. What a process! The result is stunning.

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