Inspiration! Roundup: Staying Inside Forever is Basically Running a Marathon, Right? (also diary art, quarantine players, and more!)

This Week's "I want to go to there": I just want to be in a park with my friends and be standing close to one another!
Photo by Samantha Sophia.

Emotional Endurance

Well and Good Magazine asked marathoners how they would use the lessons of enduring a marathon and apply them to living in quarantine. They gave some excellent advice, and the first one is one of my favourites:

“No matter how much you prepare, you need to take it step by step.” —Paria Hassouri

That's just life, right?

Lockdown Diary Art

Emmy Lupin's illustrations of life on lockdown paint a peaceful picture that I would love to live in.

The Quarantine Players

This is a piece of quarantine art that I have really enjoyed, bringing "together" professional actors and community members to perform some of Shakespeare's more famous soliloquies.

Before You Buy

I know it feels very good to hit "purchase" on a new item, but it's always helpful to reframe before we buy something we don't really need. Here's a list of questions to ask yourself before making that purchase (from Backpacking Light).

1. Can I work around the problem with a repair, modification, or change in use?
2. If I buy this, what else am I not buying?
3. Can I afford this?
4. Will this item help me do things I can’t do now?
5. Will buying this item significantly increase my enjoyment of X?
6. How often will I use this in the next year? In the next five years?
7.Will this item become obsolete in the near term?
8. Is this item repairable?
9,Do I really need ‘the best’? What is a good second choice?
10. Can I buy something used that will do the job?
11. Am I supporting a business I know and like? Do our values align?


Artist Francois Vogel has been using his cat as a subject in his latest art projects, turning it into a jellyfish using slit-scan photography. It's cute!

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