Inspiration! Roundup: I Wish You Love

This Week's "I want to go to there": Honestly, now I am just dreaming of more outdoor,
distanced visits with people I love.
Photo by Artem Maltsev.

I Wish You Love

This little girl singing I Wish You Love is one of the dang sweetest things I have seen in a long time!

Pandemic Archives

The Autry Museum of the American West is looking for anyone who lives in the American West to send in images of objects that have taken on special significance for them during the pandemic. Recipes, masks, journals, and whatever else has taken a hold on your life. I love it!

Paper Dolls

Artist Bethany Bickley has made a series of book sculptures that are verifiably awesome. I love the way it looks like the book has just sprouted into different shapes.

Why We Need Gardens

Oliver Sacks is a writer and a doctor who insists that gardens are a vital part of his creative process as well as medical treatments for his patients. While staying at my parents' house I was able to sit outdoors and enjoy a garden, and I found it a very beneficial place to be.

"All of us have had the experience of wandering through a lush garden or a timeless desert, walking by a river or an ocean, or climbing a mountain and finding ourselves simultaneously calmed and reinvigorated, engaged in mind, refreshed in body and spirit. The importance of these physiological states on individual and community health is fundamental and wide-ranging. In forty years of medical practice, I have found only two types of non-pharmaceutical “therapy” to be vitally important for patients with chronic neurological diseases: music and gardens.”
- Oliver Sacks, Everything in its Place: First Loves and Lost Tales

Will Change Come?

Everyone keeps talking about how this pandemic will change our lives and our systems for good. I really really hope so. This piece of art by Jonathan Allen, shared in Hyperallergic, can lead us as we create our new vision for life.

Jonathan Allen, "Interruption 203" via Hyperallergic

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