For Those of Us Feeling Trapped in Our Thoughts and Feelings...

Image with the text "This isn't forever, it's just for right now."
Photo by UN COVID-19 Response.

A friendly reminder that thoughts and feelings are temporary and do not define us.

We can think about all sorts of things:

- that everyone we love is going to get in terrible accidents or become ill in a pandemic
- that our loved ones are safe and well
- that we are alone in the world
- that all is full of love
- that we are going to be fired
- that we will get a raise and a commendation

We can think all these things as much as we want. Meanwhile, reality will have been out there the whole time, unaffected by what was happening inside our heads.

Our thoughts and feelings are meaningful. They drive our actions. They shape our experience of ourselves and the world. They are worth our attention and care.

But they are not everything. They are not forever.

Don't give your thoughts and feelings more power than they deserve.

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