Learning! Roundup: It's Possible to Love Your Job TOO Much (also, hope-filled recoveries, moral machines, and more!)

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Don't Love Your Job Too Much

Companies love it when their employees love their jobs because then they work wayyyyy more. It turns out, however, that they are also more likely to be territorial, hoarding work-related knowledge, and even behave unethically. All so that they can advance in the sweet job they love so very much.


If you are trying to recover from a mental illness, hope is a key factor. A new study shows that hope is a strong predictor of recovery from common anxiety-based disorders, and that hope increases in therapy.

Moral Machines

In our continued efforts towards the machine uprising, when computers become or great and all-knowing overlords, we have now successfully taught them morals! By feeding a computer books and articles, scientists have now been able to help a computer program make moral judgements of right and wrong. And of course, these judgements vary slightly depending on what eras or societies the readings come from.

Smart Folks Can't Take the Heat

If you do realllllly well at tasks where you're just trying to do your best and absolutely choke under pressure, maybe you're smarter than average! Turns out that people with higher intelligence perform better in low-pressure situations, but when they are under intense pressure, those with lower intelligence shine. So for the smartypants among us, process-based goals and a focus on "doing your best" really does make a difference.

Live For Today, Plan For Forever

My grandpa used to say you should live as if you're going to die tomorrow and plan as if you're going to live forever. Turns out that this ability, to live in the moment while planning ahead, is a magical key to mental well-being. So no problem! Just strike that perfect balance of presence and planning.

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