Cute! Roundup: A Fake Baby Platypus, Library Cat, and More!

If you look very closely, you can see that Gertie is not sleeping in this picture and has just barely observed me infringing on her space to get the photo.

A photo of a black and white cat. It's lying on its side and the photo is a close up of its face and you can just see the rest of the body in the background.

This Twitter thread claims to have a baby platypus on the main picture. See that cute (but maybe fake?) thing and then scroll down for other cute things, real and not.

A library employee's cat is getting dressed up to represent different books every Saturday. It's wonderful.

Turns out we've been using cupholders wrong this whole time.

It's been five whole seconds since this puppy saw its owner.

An inch-worm just inching around.

This is definitely cuteness bait, and I'm taking it: your UPS package delivery just got a whole lot cuter!

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