Learning! Roundup: Where Does Your Mind Go When You Sleep? (also, sad vegetarians, going great, and more!)

A black and white photo of a woman sleeping on a bed with a big, cozy duvet!
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz.

Only in Dreams

Thanks to some very fancy technology, we have direct evidence for the very first time that our brains are replaying the events of the day while we sleep. This seems to be what makes sleeping help with the creation of memories.

Sad Vegetarians

As a vegetarian and a person who cares about the environment, I don't love this one: looks like people who don't eat meat are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and even a desire to self-harm. It's just a correlation, so who knows, maybe depressed and anxious people are just more likely to see the world for what it is and be okay denying ourselves something than happy folks.

Going Green

A new economic study suggests that now is the perfect time to invest in a green stimulus package: spending on things like clean energy infrastructure will actually have greater economic returns, and bonus, help divert climate change. Oh please, can we do this???


If you're going to cover up some wrongdoing, it may go better if you are covering for someone else. People seem to be more lenient towards those who display loyalty by covering up for someone else in their in-group than those who cover up their own mistakes.

Universal Basic Income

COVID lockdowns have inspired people to reconsider the notion of universal basic income. In Finland, a test run and two-year study has had a timely release, showing that those who received the basic income were overall more satisfied with their lives and had less mental strain than the control group.

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