Mayyyyyybe I Should Simmer Down With the Mottos

Ummmm... remember when I announced my life motto as "this year, everything is going to work out" to keep me motivated and positive in 2020?

Basically ever since then, world events have been cropping up to make me feel like maybe this wasn't the year to loudly decide everything would be okay.

Now? Now we have reached peak 2020 (I hope):

A meme from the Sex and the City Movie - it's Carrie smashing Big over the head with her bouquet when he stood her up at their wedding. The text says "me" over Big, and "2020" over Carrie.


We laugh in the darkness, because what else is there?

(PS: I am actually doing okay. I still have a job. I have a home. I have friends I can connect with online. I am projecting a lot of loneliness into the future, but I will be fine. It's possible that everything will work out. Just... ya gotta READ THE ROOM!)

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