Inspiration! Roundup: Border Creatures Take Over, Transition Stories, Sightings, and More!

WOW, folks, I don't think I have ever been so excited to put together an Inspiration! Roundup than today. I need this more than ever. I hope it helps you, too.

This Week's "I want to go to there": Honestly, I miss crowds. Also, this is a group of people this excited to see THEATRE! I really want to go to THERE.
Photo by the New York Public Library.

Border Creatures Take Over the World

Painter Adrian Cox has created a series of paintings called Border Creatures, a sort of fantasy/sci fi series about mythical creatures taking over the world. It's compelling AF!

A painting of a humanoid creature whose body appears to be exposed organs and flowers, standing in a circular rainbow and performing some kind of raise-the-dead ceremony on a similar creature.

Transition Stories

If you need to feel good about the world right now, try this series of 30 tweets where people share their best stories about people reacting to their gender transitions. It's not only heartening, but also a good lesson for those of us who might be sure of the best thing to say when we realize someone in our life is transitioning.


Photographer Maria Lax's Finnish hometown is known for UFO sightings. She has taken a series of photos highlighting this spooky element to her town, and they are captivating!

A photo of a person peaking through the curtains in their living room. The room is fairly dark - you can barely make out a vine pattern on the curtains, and it is bright outside, so the brightness is almost blinding.

Share the Load

I love this recommendation for all you partnered people out there: don't just make a list of chores you need to share/split up, make an emotional labour to-do list as well. This way you are both aware of what needs to be done and whose job it is to do it. What an idea! I can't wait to have someone in my life to do this with! (SIGH.)


Artist Shane Drinkwater's work is like a tall glass of water! (Get it??? HA!) But really, I looooove these pieces that look like astronomical maps.


Are you stuck at home? Jane McGonigal has created a stay-at-home scavenger hunt on twitter and it's quite lovely!

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