Inspiration! Roundup: #TruthGoals, Paper, the Immediacy Filter, and More!

A photo of a small, white cabin at the end of a long peninsula over the water with a big blue sky above and blue water below.
This Week's "I want to go to there": A precarious cabin on the water seems like a dream!
Photo by Karl Magnuson.


"2020 goal:
Being in the presence of truth.
Reading the signs when I'm not. Address it. Move on."
-Tina Roth Eisenberg


I looooove Ayumi Shibata's paper creations.

A photo of a paper creation by Ayumi Shibata - it's a 3D cut out of a path through a creepy wood with a light at the end of it. All the trees are curvy and spread out.

Immediacy Filter

This has been making the rounds lately in my online world, and I am finally paying attention: when asked to do something that is happening in the future, ask yourself whether you would say yes if it was happening right now. Turn it down if you wouldn't.

Amber Orchard

This series of paintings by Kelsey Beckett is meant to depict the "gentle ache of loss as summer submits itself into autumn." I feel this SO HARD.

A painting by Kelsey Beckett of a black woman with big pink flowers in her hair, which is large and flowing. She is wearing a white dress with a bunch of blue ribbon on her left shoulder that flows across her body.

Street Fighter

Some high school students did a Street Fighter bit in their wrestling match. I especially love the fact that they both had to trust each other to go for it.

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