What Do You Do When Your World Keeps Changing?

A watercolour painting of a butterfly in front of a series of chrysalises.
Photo by Gabriela Tamara Cycman.

What do you do when your world keeps changing?

Every few days, something happens that makes everything that came before feel like old news.

In my yoga teacher training, we were taught the incredibly simple mantra, "everything changes." It is both a comfort and a curse. Right now, the changes are coming fast and feel out of control. Before this, they were still changing. After this, they will continue to change.

In Canada, we have now closed our borders. The Prime Minister told us to stay home. My province has banned gatherings over 50, basically shutting down theatres until at least May 30. (This one impacts me directly and it's my job to calculate the hard cost of this for my company, something I haven't been able to do yet.)

Other things that have changed:

Usually, even on work-from-home days, I struggle to actually get up from my desk and go outside. My desire for a sense of expansion and to see other humans drove me outside multiple times yesterday.

I also usually feel like phone calls are a major interruption in my life. I video-called three people yesterday. VIDEO-CALLED! Spontaneously!

My friends and I have taken to recording little videos of ourselves and sharing them to the group chat instead of just texting. Somehow it just feels that much more connected.

I now look very closely at the date of any news update. Anything more than a day old (or even a few hours old) may be useless to me.

Things that haven't changed:

The sun shines. (Even if it is behind clouds.)

People want to connect.

My cat curls up in my lap and starts purring right when I need to get up.

Chips taste good. So does popcorn.

We need to eat vegetables, too.

Even the best food doesn't fill the same void as loving community.

Community comes in many shapes and sizes.

Many people want to help and are surprisingly generous.

Art exists.

Some people make new art.

Others look at it.

Sleep is important.

Some people are very good at growing vegetables and flowers.

I am not one of them.

We know what time the sun will rise every day.

Hard times come and go.

Everyone is doing their best.

Everything changes.

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