Learning! Roundup: Is God a White Man?, Emotional Images, Real Men Are Miserable, and More!

A photo of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam painting - a man (Adam), lies reclined on the left side with his arm extended out, and on the right, God (a white man) descends on a billowing cloud, surrounded by angels, and reaches out to touch Adam's outstretched hand.
Michelangelo's Creation of Adam - Creative Commons

Is God a White Man?

If you were raised in (or adjacent to) a Western, Christian environment, chances are you see God as a white man. If so, you are also more likely to prefer to see a man in a leadership role. Because all these little things add up in our brains, and if GOD is a man, then maybe men are closer to God!!! (They aren't. I am sure of it.)

Emotional Images

Our brain represents emotions in similar ways to how it represents images, which apparently has significant repercussions for therapy. At the very least, it is neat.

Real Men Are Miserable

The more a man subscribes to toxic masculinity (that men are stoic, strong, and never ask for help, among other things), the more socially isolated they become throughout their lives, leading to a host of issues with their health and overall well-being. More reinforcement for what the feminists have been saying all along: the patriarchy hurts EVERYONE, men included!

Hard Working Role Models

If you are looking for a role model, go for someone who was known for working really hard in their field over a natural genius. It's much more motivating.

Have a Drink, Life is Meaningless

Did you know that people who have a stronger sense of meaning in their life drink less alcohol??? I did NOT know that, but apparently, it is widely known in the world of research that people who are seeking meaning in life drink more alcohol in more harmful ways than those who aren't.

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