Cute! Roundup: A Bunch of Puppies in a Bucket, Cat Paws, Zebra Orphans, and More!

Sometimes, Gertie displays that wild superpower cats have to sleep in the most seemingly uncomfortable positions, but seem totally blissed out on it. Like, I can get behind this curled-up on-your-back position, but extending your limbs across the hard edge of your basket? That's a recipe for pins and needles.

A photo of a black and white tuxedo cat sleeping in a basket. It is lying on its back, curled around its side, with its paw extended over the edge of the basket.


Here is a bunch of puppies trying to get into a bucket. You're welcome.

This is a Twitter thread of pure adorable animal nonsense. My fave is the cat paw-turned bear.

A zebra caretaker who wears zebra print to care for an orphan. Awwwww!


This happy duck gave my heart a lift!

A super proud mama.

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