A Smorgasbord of Online Art, Learning, Movement, and FUN!

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Are you inside? Are you going STIR CRAZY? Even if you live in a fancy manor home, the indoors becomes confining after a while. (Or so I imagine, I've never walked in those particular shoes, perhaps your soles get worn thin as you wander listlessly from room to room?)

Honestly, I am not going bonkers yet because my workload has multiplied, not reduced, but at some point, I know it'll slow down and THEN WHAT?

I am NOT here to tell you that if you're in quarantine you need to write King Lear (as that absurd - and only partially accurate - meme keeps saying Shakespeare did and implying that maybe we should too????) What I AM here to do is offer you as many things as possible that you can do from home so that you have a SMORGASBORD of options.


Artslandia Happy Hour: An arts magazine out of Portland is offering 5pm Happy Hours on Facebook where musicians play some stuff and maybe you have a drink at home. I can't see whether this is an indefinite plan or just for certain dates.

Livestreaming Concerts: Here's a roundup of many livestreaming orchestra concerts.

Arts Roundup: CNN put together a list of concerts, museum tours, art experiences, cultural sites, and even aquariums you can visit online. Some are time-bound to specific showtimes and others are available indefinitely.

Jann Arden: Jann Arden offered a FB live concert that is still available on her page. Honestly, it was so comforting just to watch her futz around with the technology for the first five minutes and chit chat while she set it all up.

The Met: The Metropolitan Opera is sharing their catalogue of operas nightly.

The Social Distancing Festival: Looks like they are still sorting through submissions, so this one is on the way!

Choir Choir Choir: These guys specialize in live performances where the audience becomes the choir. They did a FB Live and will probably do more!

The Centre for Puppetry: Get free puppetry performances here!

Dropkick Murphys: This Canadian punk band is legendary and helping you release those pent up feels.

Dan Mangan: Another concert! This guy's a gem.

Live Theatre: The whole point of theatre is that humans gather together in the same space, but for now there is a roundup of a whole whack of plays offered for free online.


Brit + Co: These folks have a ton of artsy workshops on everything from becoming a wedding photographer to watercolour painting. They are free for the month of March with the promo code SELFCARE.

Digital SĂ­nulkhay and Ladders: Learn some decolonization basics through a giant board game that has been made digital! Dates on offer until March 23 for the time being.

Drawing Classes: I reallllly would love to be better at drawing, and artist Jarrett J. Krosoczka has youtube classes just for that.

Cooking: Chef Massimo Bottura is offering cooking classes and Q&As on his Instagram account.

Class Central: This is one of many sites that gives free access to university courses from top-rated schools. What do you wish you got a degree in?

Playwriting: Join one of the coolest current playwrites, Young Jean Lee, in a playwriting workshop on Sunday, March 22 at 1pm EST.

Gardening: Gardens on the Go is answering gardening questions on Facebook.

Think Indigenous: Daily classes for kids in Kindergarten-Grade 8!

Scholastic: Remember Scholastic book fairs? They have branched out! Every day short classes are being released for kids as young as pre-K and as old as grade 6+ (is that all of us?).


Movement Ritual: A friend of mine is running daily dance/movement workshops online through Zoom that are then shared to a Facebook group. Join for details!

One Yoga: On top of your fave YouTube yogis, you can get daily Instagram Stories classes from One Yoga for the People. Schedule is saved to their story highlights!

Ballet: A roundup of ballet classes available online.

Barre Fitness: More Instagram Live classes!

Vogue: Van Vogue Jam will have live Vogue classes on Tuesdays. Couldn't find a time, so do your research!


Adobe: You can sort of get Adobe products free for 90 days. Or maybe not. Honestly, I'm confused about it, but this is a tutorial for that.

Everything: Finally, here is a roundup that includes art, concerts, courses, and basically anything you might want to do. (Except, of course, to host a dinner party. It doesn't have that. You can't do that.)

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